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a sweet Mediterranean ocean in my soul

It’s 7 am. The heater is making a sound, that with a lot of fantasy could be mistaken for the beach. More than ever, I question living in Berlin. During a pandemic with the lockdown of all cafes, bars, clubs, gyms, the city seems to offer nothing but a post-soviet social housing jungle of cement to gaze upon. I have walked through the same river park behind my house so many times that I could start to give each tree a name.

Last night I dreamt about three things: First, I was in a small but spacious Mediterranean house. It…

Writing to be with myself and to heal

I live in Berlin, and this second Covid Lockdown hit us hard. It is one of the coldest winters we are experiencing in a long time. The uncertainty that the economic, social, and political shifts this second Lockdown brings make me feel like losing myself. I want to be optimistic. I want to believe that this pandemic is part of a bigger human evolutionary process.

I miss having conversations with strangers on the street. …

It is a cold Berlin December morning, and as the shameless millennial writer I am, a smartphone and a notebook has been my sleep companions. My heart is pouncing slightly faster than usual, and my mind is spitting out thoughts so intensely that there is no way I can force myself to meditate. As the self-proclaimed Instagram Gurus call it, a morning routine has kept me mentally safe in this catastrophe of 2020. I am scared, but I decide to do it. To text my partner at 7.30 am. This is not my first relationship, not the first person I…


Berlin based social worker, writer, psychology student, artist, feminist.

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